Monday, January 2, 2012

Kmart (formerly Super Kmart) in Greensboro, North Carolina

Description by Nicholas Eckhart
Photos by Mike Kalasnik

This Kmart is a former Super Kmart location at 1302 Bridford Parkway in Greensboro, North Carolina in the Landmark Crossing shopping center. The Super Kmart store was a 1994 Grounds Up build. The store was converted from a Super Kmart store in 2009 and is 173,925 square feet. This Kmart has a Sears Outlet store located in the former grocery section of Super Kmart and a Kmart Express gas station. At one time this store had a Kmart Auto Center. In this store's early days it had a Kmart Cafe. This Kmart Cafe was later changed to a Little Caesar's Pizza Station. This Kmart lost the Little Caesar's restaurant when the grocery section was removed. The Greensboro Ollie's bargain Outlet that I also have a post on is in this same Shopping center.

The Kmart Express gas station

The Kmart Express convenience store

The former Kmart Cafe / Little Caesar's; now Sears Outlet.

Entrance into Sears Outlet

The Former Grocery entrance; now just a secondary entrance to Kmart.

This sign once said "Super Kmart Center". The label scars of  the "Super" and "Center" Parts of the sign are still visible, while the Kmart sign remains unchanged.

The entrance into the apparel, electronics, and seasonal

Garden Center entrance

The former Kmart / Penske Auto Center

A view of the interior of Sears Outlet (formerly Groceries) looking towards the Former  Kmart Cafe / Little Caesar's.

The former meat department; this wall used to be lined with refrigerators.

A store directory from this store's days as a Super Kmart.


  1. It is so sad and even painful to see Kmart/Sears flounder around like this considering what they once were. I almost want them put out of their misery but I have too many fond memories of shopping at both.

  2. It's only one of two another plain KMart Ring Road but is demolished


  4. Visited this store today-Closing in November of 2014. Already in closeout, most items are 20-30% off (some clothes 45%). Most departments already very thin. Sad, this is the most people I've seen in this store at once in literally 10+ years.

    1. Visited the store again on 10/6. Less than half of the sales floor is occupied. The entire back section of aisles (against the back wall) are gone - most are empty, nearly 1/4 have been removed. Fixtures and store office supplies are for sale. Sad-many of the fixture are quite old and beat to hell, and some are even marked damaged (including two garment racks from softlines priced at $10 each. All aisles in the old health and beauty section are empty, the last few items are now shelved in seasonal.

  5. Went to vising the store on 10/20, it had already closed. Sales floor was completely empty and all signs were gone.

  6. This old Kmart store in Greensboro has now been converted into a Gabe's store which means that all Kmart-related stuff in Greensboro is no longer relevant and all Kmart references have been removed.


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