By; Nicholas Eckhart

Current Super Kmart stores

Former, converted, unfinished, and planned  Super Kmart Stores


RED = Closed Super Kmart
YELLOW = Converted Super Kmart
GREEN = Unfinished Super Kmart construction site
BLUE = Planned Super Kmart location

Special Posts


  1. The Kmart in Eastlake, Ohio is now closed.
    It was torn down and the Wal-Mart next door bought the land and turned it into a Super WalMart.
    Kmart in Madison, Ohio had closed down after the Super WalMart opened up in Madison 2 years after.

  2. It's not on the map, but the Kmart in Peoria, IL has closed as of December 2014. It was located in the Sheridan Village shopping center. No word yet if anything new is going in that location. There are already a lot of empty spaces in our shopping centers and malls here.

  3. As of late 2015 the kmart in Clifton Park, NY was shut down. It's apart of a strip mall so it lays vacant currently. It wasn't on the map so I wanted to say something!


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