Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kmart Anderson, SC

(Almost Super) Kmart Anderson, SC

Some of you may know that Kmart built many stores in the 1990's to later be expanded to Super Kmart or a "store within a store" concept. Most are hard to find due to most of them being closed down during the bankruptcy of 2002-2003. As years went on, the 10-20 year leases ran out and Kmart ditched them to the highest bidders. Thankfully, some of these remain and I can show you what Kmarts vision was for the future!

This is the Kmart in Anderson, SC, opened in 1995. This era of Kmart carried a distinct look, with a "half circle" facade. The K logo would of been smack in the center, with some red lines on either side. This opened as Kmart (nothing more, nothing less). Lets take you for a tour!

The blue shaded section is the land Kmart has. If you look in the upper part (where some trailers are parked) this was supposed to be for a K Express gas station if they store did expand. That never happened. Photo is courtesy of the local tax assessors office.

Left side Garden Shop entrance. If this became a Super Kmart, this would of been another entrance to the store. You can even see it simply says "entrance" over the door. Not something you see on many regular Kmart's. You can always tell when a Kmart was built to be a Super K or a "store within a store" with these "half circle" facades over the Garden Shop and main entrance.

As an example, here is the store in Cambridge, OH that got converted to a Super Kmart

Side view of the garden shop in Anderson, SC

Main Entrance. See the "half circle" facade and rounded entrance

As an example, here is what the Cambridge, OH store looks like as a Super Kmart

Lets go INSIDE!!

This is at the back of the store, looking towards Men's clothing on the left.

Layaway department was in the back right corner of the store.

Electronics was in the front of the store, to the right of the registers. I took the photo from the linens & bedding dept.

Notice how theres no wall or door/entry to the garden shop? Its just wide open

As an example, here's what the Cambridge, OH store looks like as a Super Kmart

A look at the fitting rooms, taken between the Juniors and Women's clothing sections

Old Cafe. This would of had the "green" seats.

Here is what this K Cafe would of looked like if it was still open and operating. This is from the store in Waynesboro, VA.

Looking from the K Cafe towards the front. This would of either been an area to move customer service to, or to add more registers, or simply have room for people to walk in to either go to the main store or the groceries if it became a Super Kmart

Looking at the entry & customer service

Front Entrance 

Another look at the K Cafe & Customer Service

This is the area in the front of the store, along the front wall, in front of the registers. I believe this was used for the selling of videos, cd's and such.

Another look at customer service and that area to the right. When the store opened, this would of been for photo developing/film processing. If converted to a Super K, the wall would of came down and been space for a Deli or what have you

Looking from the entrance into the store

Looking at the old K Cafe/Customer Service area

If you have anything more to add about the store in Anderson, SC just comment below or send an email to!