Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Super Kmart Update: Virginia Beach, VA August 2013

Rumors were flying back in June that the Super Kmart in Virginia Beach, VA was converting to a regular Kmart. That rumor was confirmed to be true in July on the ShopYourWay website. On August 17th 2013, I confirmed it for myself, its no longer a Super Kmart. The "Super" was painted over on the road signs, and the "Super Center"was removed from the facade. Before you go in, they tell you what has been removed to from the store, as well was what they still offer. Inside, the Super K logo is still on the cart as well as over the entranceway. You wont notice much if you walk into the right side, but the left side has changed. Gone are the refrigeration units, the produce section, and the familiar signs showing you fresh produce. The isle markers are still intact, but signs removed from the isles of food thats no longer offered. A temporary wall divides you and the old deli section. Openings allowed me to get some shots of the area. "Employees Only" says the sign hanging up, with employees coming and going as product is still on the other side, possibly for storage. Many floor tiles are missing from when they had refrigeration units mounted into the floor. It was clear it wasnt long since this occurred and the store is still undergoing a transformation to a regular Kmart.

This was my 3rd time at this store. I first went in July of 2011. It was 24 hours and it was a real treat. I knew it was something special and took a lot of photos. I went back June of 2012, and it was no longer 24 hours, but business was still booming despite Target being next door. This was one of the "newer" Super Kmart's, so there was no full service restaurant inside or auto center. I was worried, as this was one of a 2 Super Kmarts in the south and less then 6 were on the east coast. I knew it was on borrowed time as supplying this store had to cost a few bucks, seeing no other Super Kmarts were in the area, though this area is flooded with regular Kmarts. The "Hampton Roads" region use to be a haven for Super Kmart. You can find all of those photos on our Facebook page.

In closing, as of this posting, this Kmart is "Super" no more. I hope that it will get a new logo, some new paint, remodeled bathrooms and some new decor inside. If you live in the area and can keep tabs on this location, please email us at or visit us on facebook!!

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