Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Honolulu Kmart (Nimitz pkwy)

Kmart in the Aloha state! A very weird, old store and definitely not built as a kmart. One-of-a-kind for its location and style, this store seems to do a pretty good business. They also have a thriving Little Caesars inside and a larger than usual grocery section with an odd assortment of fresh Hawaiian fruits. 

This was so weird to see! I haven't seen American Fare products in...well, it's been years! And to see fresh kmart-branded bread? Whaaaat?!

Anyone need to lease a uke?

Nice appliance department

That's all for now, folks. Sorry it wasn't a fuller tour, but this kmart certainly did peak my interest. Mahalo and keep shopping kmart ;)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kmart- Ellisville, MO: The Closing of the Store

Hello! I'm a guest poster for Dead and Dying Retail. This Big Kmart is located in Ballwin, MO (a western suburb of St. Louis). Our store was relatively small. It was an eighties build but made to look like the shopping center it was in (Ellisville Square). During the time the closing started in February of 2014, the store still had about a year left on its lease. However, someone bought out the lease and plans to redevelop the shopping center. It is likely that Walmart pushed us out, even though the community denied them to build there. Anyway, it was a very nice store. Small, tidy, and low volume, but had some very loyal customers and friendly associates who had worked there forever. The first pictures start in October 2013 and go through the closure. The last day of kmart 3759 was April 19th, 2014. RIP. 

 Arial view from the softlines security lookout 

 Same perspective, looking towards hunting, sporting goods, and electronics

Halloween candy display next to Christmas trees! Garden shop is to the left, pantry to the right, and health & beauty is straight ahead.  

The Customer Service Desk, looking towards softlines. The front of the store contained kids clothes, and the yellow corner is the baby department. 

 These were taken during the 2013 Holiday Season. This is the Western Union kiosk at the service desk, looking towards domestics and panty.

 At home at kmart

 Members always get more! I loved the holiday signing this year.

 There were so many different ads, flyers, and promotional papers we ran out of room at the service desk and had to put them on a quad that people could see as they walked in! 


 Arial view from the layaway loft security lookout. The layaway loft contains the most valuable contracts, such as TVs and games. 

 To be honest, the toy department looks better from far away.

 Love this view! Looking over home organization, DIY, tools, and housewares.

A view of the front end. After the store closes for the night, half of the lights go off. Later on after the last associates leave, all but the security lights will go out.

 We had just restocked the checkout lanes, so they were nice and full when I took this.

 These endcaps in domestics were the last new ones we put out before we were told the store would be closing. 

 We were in the middle of the Valentines season when our store started closing (Feb. 9th) Obviously, this picture was taken before that.

 Not too many carts. All of them have a pharmacy gift card promotional offer on them that expired January 31st 2013, which was expired when this photo was taken. 

 The register set up at kmart! IBM SurPOS computer, catalina coupon printer, demagnetizer (the grey circle on the counter) and a bin for stray merchandise under the computer.

 Looking out over sporting goods and fitness. Notice the empty hooks on the red aisle in sporting goods.

 Because this kmart is on the very edge of St. Louis county, it gets a lot of rural customers. That is why there is so much fishing and hunting supplies.

 I straightened this aisle beautifully, if I do say so myself! 

 This was from the first night we found out we were closing. 

 When kmarts close, they receive MOUNTAINS of clearance and overstock merchandise from surrounding stores. It is extremely overwhelming to scan it all into the system and individually ticket each item before the closing sale starts. 

 All the store closing signs were laid out in layaway right before we put them up.

 The door to our breakroom. Expense control: It's in the bag! Urging associates to not waste bags because, of course, they cost money. 

 The tables and booths in the break room were taken from when the store had a kcafe. 

 The results pyramid! See it, own it, solve it, do it! 

 Kmart: committed to customer service. 
Your role is simple: serve the customer

 First day of the sale and we are busier than black friday on steroids

 Found this old bluelight find sign in the back of some shelving I was cleaning out

 The beginning of the sale, pantry on the right

 After a couple weeks, the detergent all sold and automotive was moved up from the back right corner of the store to pantry. 

 All shelving is taken down, wrapped up and sent out to other stores or to corporate if they are not purchased by people looking for fixtures. 

 So much Prefer toilet paper! It was the last thing out of the stock room because there was SO MUCH.

 Looking towards where layaway and automotive were.

 Toys were on the left, pantry and housewares on the right. 

 Someone bought the nasty old milk cooler! Why, I have no idea. 

 The softlines stock room, empty now that all the merchandise has been moved out to the floor to be liquidated. 

The last endcap I ever made! Not the prettiest, but there was not much left to work with.

First, all the fixtures are sold and removed, and the floor is thoroughly cleaned. We have to get the store back to its "original condition."

Here, we see even shinier floors! The registers have been sent back to corporate, the service desk, electronics counter, and the checkout counters have been disassembled. Even the small bit of carpeting underneath and behind the service desk has to go because kmart put it there. The last thing to go will be the jewelry counter. 

The sign comes down :(
These last few pictures were from my last visit to the store on April 25th. The last day of office clean-up and move out is April 29th. After that, the building will be locked and totally vacant. It is unlikely the space as it is will ever become anything else.

Thanks for reading! There are now 7 kmarts in the greater St. Louis area. Some are great stores, definitely here to stay. Others....well, we'll see. 

"To serve, delight, and engage our members while they Shop Their Way"