Sunday, February 26, 2012

Super Kmart in Mentor, Ohio

Nicholas Eckhart

      This is a currently operating Super Kmart Center store at 9200 Mentor Avenue in Mentor, Ohio. This is one of only 25 Super Kmart stores still in operation. At 195,529 square feet this store is the second largest Super Kmart that is still open; second only to the Lorain, Ohio store.  I noticed this store has better space management than many of the Kmart stores I have been in. In other stores some of the front service areas and the auto centers are vacant. Here at this store they have all the service areas up front filled and the former Auto Center is home to a privately operated service center called Mentor Complete Car Care.

      The front of the store is filled with various places like Indians and Browns team shops plus a nail salon. Also, there is a bike shop in the old Florist area. I feel the store would do better in Mentor if it received a Little Caesar's Pizza Station and improved curb appeal. The grocery section is not updated, but there are plans to update it in the future. The store retains most of the look it had when it opened in the early to mid 1990s.
Enjoy the photos

Photos from February 16th, 2012

The storefront at night

The RadAir service center (this is now Mentor Complete Car Care)

The Garden Center

Photos from December 27th, 2012

Auto Center

Auto Center

Garden Center

Garden Center

General merchandise entrance


1990s cart corral

Grocery entrance

Grocery side storefront

Super Kmart Cafe exterior

old Super Kmart Cafe interior

old Super Kmart Cafe interior

old Super Kmart Cafe interior

looking towards the old Super Kmart Cafe
Bakery and Deli


Bakery and Deli

Frozen foods


Meats and closed-off Seafood service counter

Closed-off Seafood service counter

Frozen foods and Dairy

Pre-packaged Deli items



Snack aisle



Indians and Browns Team-shops

General merchandise 

I cannot figure out what was here originally

Garden Center

Garden Center

Garden Center


Auto Center

Auto Center

Auto Center

Auto Center

Layaway and Sporting Goods

Facing towards the front of the store



seven or eight checkouts were open.

Bike Shop with Pepsi signage in the old Florist section

Video Arcade and some plants



Price Scanner

Fitting Rooms


Super Kmart Portrait Studio

old Florist fridges

Floral signage is visible behind the Bike Shop sign

Carts lined up along front of store
(Really, they need this many extra carts?)

A nearby Speedway gas station advertising the partnership between Super Kmart and Speedway.