Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The nicest Sears you may ever see - Danbury, CT

The nicest Sears store you may ever see.... in Danbury, CT.

Photo Credit: Michael Parisi

I was contacted by Michael Parisi, who often sends us some photos from the Nutmeg State. When I saw these photos of Sears, I nearly fell out of my seat. This store looks AMAZING! If every Sears looked like this, Sears wouldn't be in a financial crisis and have a bad image or be cutting corners. This store makes you want to shop at Sears!! A little backstory...

February 2015, Sears announced it would lease out 70,000 square feet to Primark, a European retailer who is opening stores in several states. This would cut the size of the store down significantly, but would also give it a fresh new look.


July 2016, Sears has a whole new look. You may not even think this can be a Sears, but it is! The store is only 58,000 square feet, but how much space do department stores need now a days? It had a grand re opening that even featured a US Senator!


So are you curious yet as to what it looks like? I certainly hope so!