Sunday, January 22, 2012

Circuit City in Keene, New Hampshire

photos by John Jewell
description by Nicholas Eckhart

     The former Circuit City store in Keene, New Hampshire is located at 41 Ashbrook Road. The store was opened in late October 2005, but was shut down in March 2009 with the last of the Circuit City stores. this store is still vacant and no notable changes except the removal of the Circuit City signage has taken place. In my opinion too many businesses are competing in too small of a town to sustain them all. According to the 2010 Census the town of Keene housed 23409 individuals, which to me does not seem like enough to sustain three major shopping centers. Also in Keene, the Sears Essentials store is one of the 80 closures announced so far.


  1. As a life long Keene resident, I can see where you might think we have too much retail etc. In fact, I tend to agree mostly with what you say. Just know this, Keene is in southwest New Hampshire and less than a 30 minute drive from Vermont and Massachusetts. With NO sales tax in NH., many cross the state lines to do their regular shopping in Keene. With cheap cigarettes, booze and no NH bottle bill, folks from New York and Connecticut find their way to Keene. Let us not forget that fireworks are legally sold in NH as well. Also, as the county seat, Keene is the destination for many county residents for their employment etc. All told, Keene may only have 23,000 residents but is the destination daily for upwards of 70,000-100,000 people. jD

  2. While driving through this plaza on Friday August 21, 2015, it appears that Planet Fitness will be moving into the former Circuit City spot very soon. The former Shaw's in Keene will be turned into a Spirit Halloween store.

    1. The Planet Fitness is now open! It's been open for a while now.

    2. It's been there at least since November 2015


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