Monday, January 2, 2012

Closed BJ's Wholesale in Charlotte, North Carolina

photos by Mike Kalasnik
description by Nicholas Eckhart

     For those who do not know what BJ's is, it is a chain of about 200 Wholesale stores (similar to Costco and Sam's Club) found in states that border the Atlantic coast, Pennsylvania, and in the East Half of Ohio.This BJ's Wholesale store at 6030 East Independence Boulevard in Charlotte, North Carolina was closed January 17th, 2011. The company claims this store along with four others were shuttered since they did not meet sales expectations. This was a 99,792 Square foot store that opened in March 2002. This store is still vacant as of January 2012. There is also a post on this blog on a Closed A&W Root Beer and KFC store next door.

A front view of the Vacated BJ's store.

The Gas prices are still hanging up

A BJ's label-scar

A typical BJ's gas station

The "BJ's GAS" label-scar is clearly visible. 

The remains of the former BJ's Gas station. This looks nearly identical to other BJ's Gas stations I have saw.

The pumps were removed after this gas station closed.


  1. I say your blog is awesome! Happy new Year!

  2. Bj's seems to do very well in Massachusetts. They opened two new ones in mega malls. One closed in Westboro, MA and moved down the road to the new mega mall Northboro Crossing in Northboro,MA. It was vacant for like a couple months then a Burlington Coat Factory moved in. I will have to see how they moved a discount clothing store into a warehouse.

    Dylan Palmer

    1. Well we have BJ's up here in Ohio, but they are oddly the only BJ's for hundreds of miles around. The next closest BJ's are by Buffalo. I know there were a few BJ's in Columbus, but those closed 2002, I believe. The Columbus stores make me wonder how far west BJ's got at one time and if there were ever any stores in western PA. I don't think BJ's has ran advertisements here for a few years and they seem much deader than Costco or Sam's Club.

    2. BJ's is headquartered in Westboro, MA so there are certainly a lot around here. A mega outdoor mall that just opened I came across has one in it as well as another mega outdoor mall that opened. Costco has 2 stores right outside Boston that I have seen but never been. Sam's Club doesn't have many stores in Massachuetts and one in Natick MA I was a member of that closed in 2006 which I submitted to Facebook. Unlike other Sam's it was not right next to a Walmart. There was a Walmart down the road but not right next to it. I think the Walmart and the Sam's were built at about the same time because the Walmart took Caldor's vacant space in 2001 and I believe the Sam's was built from scratch around the same time. There are only 2 others I know of in the state I am guessing there is one in Boston somewhere too. I always thought Sam's was better than BJ's I went to BJ's for a while after Sam's Club in Natick closed but it just wasn't as good.

      Dylan Palmer

  3. Man. That was weird and GO OUT TO ANOTHER ONE! Okay?


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