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Closed Super Kmart stores in Virginia

Nicholas Eckhart

Virginia Beach- 550 First Colonial Road

  • Operates as a traditional Kmart 
  • Converted in 2013

Photo by Mike Kalasnik

Virginia Beach- 3901 Holland Road
  • Currently vacant
  • Closed 2009
Photos by Mike Kalasnik

Norfolk- 6101 North Military Highway
  • Currently Kmart
  • Converted 2010 or 2011
Photos by Mike Kalasnik

Tabb- 5007 Victory Boulevard
  • Currently Kmart
  • Converted 2011
Photos by Mike Kalasnik

 Chesapeake- Northeast of the Virginia State Route 168 and North Battlefield Boulevard interchange
  • One of the stores that never made it past the planning stage.
  • Plans were submitted for this store in 2000.
  • In Mid 2001 the plans were rejected by the City Council due to a land zoning issue.
  • Priority Honda was since built on this site.
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Hampton- 2000 Power Plant Parkway in Hampton, VA (Super Kmart Construction site)
  • Construction started in 2002
  • The store was nearly complete when Kmart halted construction.
  • Torn down to make way for BJ's Wholesale.

Portsmouth- 4000 Victory Boulevard (Super Kmart Construction site)
  • Construction started in 2002 and then was halted leaving behind an unfinished store.
  • Majority of building torn down in 2003
  • Farm Fresh Supermarket built on site
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  1. Virginia Beach had 2 Super Kmart Centers? I know only one is still a Super K and thriving according to Kmart World's blog post.

  2. Check out the former Elyria, OH and the former Cordova, TN locations. I am almost positive those were the last two ground-up locations built. The later Super Kmarts were converted from Big Kmart stores. Those two stores were smaller than typical Super Kmart stores, but they were very modern and were the nicest supercenters I have been in to date. I know the Elyria store opened in Late 2000 or Early 2001. It is a shame they are both closed. Those were the best Super Kmart stores I have been to and they had a very good setup inside with produce in front, dairy in the back, The best kmart garden centers I have ever saw, automatic doors, flat-screen Tvs, The nicest Employees, and the overall design beat Walmart. It seems when Kmart went Bankrupt they closed their nicer stores and left older stores in more undesirable locations open. The setup (but not the look) is similar to Virginia Beach store that was featured on Kmart World.

  3. I forgot to mention that I am going to take pictures of the Elyria store soon! It is now used as Bargain Warehouse but Most Super Kmart Fixtures and some signage is still in place.

  4. I had a feeling there was another unfinished Super Kmart shell in Hampton Roads! I thought I saw something online a while ago about an unfinished Super Kmart shell being torn down for a BJ's in the area, but when I tried to find it again, I was only able to find info the Portsmouth Super Kmart shell, which is a Farm Fresh now, not BJ's. I thought I was remembering things wrong. I never would have thought they halted construction on two new stores in the same area. Thanks for confirming this Dead and Dying Retail!

  5. I found this store site by reading comments below a picture of a Super Kmart in Tabb being "unsuperized". The comment said that the store in Hampton was near completion when construction was halted and that a BJ's is now at the site. I search for BJ's in the area and found where this store was. There is some amazing historical imagery on this site on Google Earth. In the imagery it shows the Super Kmart being constructed, then after the structure is complete, then the BJ's is on the site; clearly not in the same building though. For some reason I have not been able to add Google Earth imagery to this blog.

  6. I just found out the the former Super Kmart Center located at 3901 Holland Road in Virginia Beach is slated to become a Kroger Marketplace store. Kroger Marketplace is basically a Super Kroger store that also sells furniture, jewelry, toys, housewares, etc., along with groceries like a Super Kmart does. This will be Kroger's first new store in the Hampton Roads region in 12 years, when they originally entered the area. From the article, I can't tell if the former Super Kmart building is going to be reused or torn down, but either way, this different kind of "Super K" is expected to open in the summer of 2013. You can read the rest of the article here:

  7. Mike plans to cover stores in that area soon, so we should have photos before the store is demolished or heavily modified.

  8. The Holland Rd location was torn town and the Kroger Marketplace is now open. It should be interesting seeing what happens with the Harris Teeter/Kroger merger though.

  9. The store in Virginia on Victory Blvd. has now been subdivided. The Kmart has been remodeled with new signage and the former grocery side is being remodeled into Kroger which is scheduled to open Spring 2016. The front entrance is currently being removed.

  10. The second Virginia Beach Store is now a Planet Fitness/Subway/JuiceBar/Pet City


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