Monday, December 12, 2011

Closed Kmart in Manchester, Connecticut

photos by Mike Kalasnik
description by Nicholas Eckhart

     This store was located at 239 Spencer Street in Manchester, Connecticut. This store opened on November, 30th in 1972 and was the first Kmart in Connecticut. It was closed in the 2003 wave of Kmart Closures. This store remains vacant.

There are a lot of pictures and information about Kmart's early days at this link


  1. I worked at this K_Mart for a month after Bradlees closed in 2001, Have to say the store was a dump and aweful place to work in, so i could see the writing on the wall that they weren't going to last much longer.

  2. This store was leveled early in 2013 to make way for a Walmart supercenter

  3. The current Walmart in Manchester was actually turned into a Supercenter. I think the reason why they demolished this KMart was because there was a hole in the roof, and one of the bad snow storms from 2011 caused it to cave in, making the building unsellable. The only KMart that I know is around here is the one in Vernon. That one isn't really in great physical shape, either.

  4. No, this K-Mart was demolished to make way for a new Wal-Mart. However the owners of ShopRite across the street have appealed P&Z's decision and brought it to court and thus held it up since.

  5. I worked at the Manchester Kmart from 73 to 76. My best friend was Bobbi. I forgot her last name. Any help ??

    Thanks (clock 122)

  6. The plaza where K Mart was located was a nice little plaza... It was just K Mart and Finast along with small stores. Until 1999, Kmart was busy, but I could see it would close

  7. That makes no sense. There's already a Walmart in Manchester, why would they replace this with another in the same city?


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