Monday, December 12, 2011

Closed Kmart in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

photo by Mike Kalasnik
description by Nicholas Eckhart

This store was located at 424 West Oregon Avenue in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This store closed in Early January 2011. 114 Jobs were lost in the move of closing this store, which really is a shame. This store opened in 1980. 

Submitted by Mike Kalasnik

Submitted by Mike Kalasnik

Notice the Area covered with the tarp. This was a canopy that was removed after the store closed. It is weird how this store looks not so much like a Kmart without it. 


  1. I guess Kmart sold the canopy for scrap metal. I wonder if removing the canopy removal was to make the building more attractive for redevelopment.

  2. On Bing Maps there is an image of how this store looked when it was open. I am going to add this later. I personally believe the shopping center renoved the canopy to make the building more appealing for redevelopement. An old Kmart store in Amherst that was replaced with a Super Kmart in Lorain still has its canopy intact (even after nearly 20 years of not being a Kmart!) It was on Kresge Drive and is now Save a Lot and Pat Catans craft store.

  3. Worked at this location in 81-83. Place was hopping back then

    1. I also worked at this store from 83 to 86. We were told it was the 2nd highest volume K-mart in the east back in the day. It had the little deli at the front of the store.

  4. It split into a Ross and Burlington


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