Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Uniontown Kmart

Uniontown PA Kmart - Guest post by Nick Fronczek

This Store was opened as a relocation store from the Uniontown Shopping Center. In this post I will share with you the many photos I have captured of this store. It was built it as an original ground up Super Kmart Center. The store has since closed but before its closure it had a brief time being a K Fresh location. On a side note, the restaurant part of this store remains open to this day as it is leased by a local owner and sears holdings who owns this building and property has agreed to let him stay till a buyer can be found.

The store front at night

Road Sign

Produce section during the Super K days



Packaged Deli



More Frozen Foods

Taste the quality... Enjoy the Value... OF OUR PASTRIES!

 Fresh Bakery

Need Assistance? Please Press!

 Deli - I was told about a year before it closed only 1 person ran the deli and bakery


Various Isles of Food

Looking away from the grocery side

Thanks for shopping Your Super Kmart Center

Now I will talk about this stores conversion from a Super Kmart to Kmart featuring K-Fresh. The store basically liquidated all grocery as well as most grocery fixtures and closed all full service departments . This store was one of the very few K Fresh concepts completed and while it was done cheaply it ended up looking nice. The final result had some coolers and freezers all of which were saved from the Super Kmart center days of the store.


The K-Fresh concept stuck around for just about 2 yrs and a couple of months ago Sears Holdings announced that the store would begin to close. These pictures are from the liquidation sale and inventory blowout.

Sadly, this store closed in July of 2016. Hopefully you enjoyed the look back at the store. Feel free to leave a comment below!