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Here are some of our own videos taken by Nick & Mike themselves. Do you have a place for us to record and bring to the blog? Drop us an email and we can see what we can do!!

Kmart Closing on Freedom Drive in Charlotte, North Carolina

This Kmart is closing in 2014. It has been operating for nearly 50 years!

Canton Centre / Mellet Mall

This mall was opened in the 1965 as an open air shopping center. Over the years this mall was enclosed and had a food court added. A wing anchored by Montgomery Ward and an eight-screen Genaral Cinemas location was demolished for Walmart in 2004. The food court was converted to a strip mall shopping center. As of early 2014 a small section of the mall's interior remains open despite no businesses being present inside. The JCPenney store has been operating since 1965. The store with two sales floors and an underground parking garage was originally O'Neil's. That store was later May Company, Kaufmann's, and Macy's.

Euclid Square Mall

This mall has lost all of its anchor stores. The interior of the mall remains open for a variety of churches and an auction house. One anchor store was a May Company department store that changed to Kaufmann's in 1993. Eventually this Kaufmann's relocated to another nearby mall and the store was used as Outlets USA for a while. The other anchor was a Higbee's department store. Higbee's later became Dillard's then a Dillard's Outlet before closing in 2013.

Signal Hill Mall

 This mall is located in Statesville, NC. The mall is still open but lost Sears. Not much has changed since I took this video, except Belk is slightly newer with the new logo and some paint. Its been said this mall will undergo major renovations starting in 2014.

Eastland Mall

This mall WAS in Charlotte, NC. Sadly, the mall is now demolished. A studio/television/movie production company was supposed to use it, but they started to demolish it quietly. Currently, its just rubble.

Crestwood Plaza 

Crestwood Plaza is located in Crestwood, MO - Now sealed and sitting 100% empty. When I visited, only 2 "stores" were there: Lenscrafters & the US Post Office.

Super Kmart Virginia Beach, VA

Sadly, this is no longer a Super Kmart. Its just a regular Kmart as of 2013.

Cookeville Mall Cookeville, TN

This mall was once closed down, and now re-opened. Its mostly a flea market now. JCPenney is still there. When I went, it was sealed off from the rest of the mall.


This video shows various photos of abandoned venues (mainly retail stores) from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky.

Taco Bells?

Seeing double! Two Taco Bells right next to each other, but only one is in operation. These are located in Goldsboro, NC.

American Fare/Super Kmart

One of the very first American Fare hypermarkets in Charlotte/Matthews, NC. It was turned into a Super Kmart which was closed around 2002/2003. Steve & Barry's used about 40% of it and then that closed. It now sits as you see it.

Inside Montgomery Ward in the Regency Mall in Augusta, GA

How I got inside is a secret, so just enjoy :) The inside is now 100% gutted.

Target Maple Heights, OH

When we were photographing this plaza, we came across... A DEER! It makes for a great video!

Richway/Target Gastonia, NC

This was one of the last Richway stores left that was operating as a Target. Target built a new store on the old Gaston Mall site in 2012. The building still sits like this today. The Toys R Us also moved into a former Hannaford grocery store. Im told that this Toys R Us was a Leggett Department Store.

Manchester Parkade Manchester, CT

You dont get much more abandoned then this. Im glad I got to film this before it was demolished. Just look at that Bradlees sign!!!

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