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  1. Need to add Mellet Mall/Canton Centre Mall Canton, ohio to the list!!

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    Bye bye Waterbury CT kmart!

  4. Love the site! It's dorks like us that keep faded memories alive! -- Brian,

    1. I love your websites as well! It is nice to hear from you. - Nicholas

  5. I have thousands of amazing stories, stuff and pictures I really need to share and send to you.

  6. Like who really cares about K-Mart closing down they never had anything good there. The men's dept was bad real bad there prises were high you could get better stuff in the thrift store.

  7. You forgot to add one to your list the local K mart here in Marysville Ohio is shutting it's doors as well. Saw all the signs up Today,

  8. The artical about the former Sears in Keene, New Hampshire needs to be updated! It converted into a Kohl's in 2013. However, a new Sears opened up on the outskirts of the city near Swanzey. Also, the Kmart in Claremont, New Hamshire closed in December and should have an artical made about it. Although the Sears that was inside that Kmart moved into another space inside the same plaza.

  9. You guys should add Tri-County Mall in Cincinnati unless you already have it there. Barely anything is open in the place and they just recently destroyed the fountain.


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