Monday, November 7, 2011

Closed Super Kmart stores in Arizona

By; Nicholas Eckhart

Mesa- 1944 South Greenfield Road
  • 160,000 Square Feet
  • Construction was halted in 2002
  • The building was nearly complete
  •  Now is used as American Furniture Superstore (opened 2009)
  • I found great photos here.

Bing Maps

Tucson- 4075 West Ina Road

  • Current use; Lowe's
  • Closed 2003
Google Maps imagery

Tucson- 1800 West Valencia Road

  • Current use; Lowe's
  • Closed 2003
Google Maps imagery

Yuma- 2375 West 32 Street
  • Current use; Vacant
  • Closed 2003

Google Maps imagery

Phoenix- 12025 North 32nd Street

  • Currently vacant
  • Closed in 2009

  • Before closure- Bing Maps imagery
    After closure- Google Maps imagery

    Tucson- 7055 East Broadway Boulevard

    • Current use; Kmart
    • Converted in 2011 (I think)

    Pre-conversion- Bing Maps imagery

    Post-conversion- Bing Maps imagery


    1. no comments, but key about these locations.

    2. The Super Kmart that was being constructed in Mesa probably halted construction in 2002 due to Kmart's bankruptcy that year. I bet that most Kmart's that were being built around the time of Kmart's declaration of bankruptcy in 2002 halted construction.

      1. Yes, the Mesa construction was halted due to the Bankruptcy in 2002. Oddly enough, all the Super Kmart projects under construction at the time we're halted but some regular Kmart stores opened within months of the bankruptcy. Bishop, CA and Somers Point, NJ Kmarts appear to have opened after the bankruptcy.

    3. The Phoenix store is actually At Home (Former Sears Outlet)


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