Saturday, November 26, 2011

Closed Super Kmart stores in Mississippi

By; Nicholas Eckhart

Hattiesburg- 4501 Hardy Street

  • This store is still vacant
  • Closed 2002
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Jackson- 597 East Beasley Road

  • This originally opened as an American Fare Hypermarket in 1990
  • Currently used as a Comcast facility parking and the parking lot is now home to a Carmax dealership.
  • Converted to Super Kmart Center in 1992
  • Closed 2003
  • I found photos of this store here.
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Southaven- 550 Stateline Road West

  • Currently used as Burlington Coat Factory
  • Closed 2005
  • I found photos of this store here
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  1. The East Beasley Road Super Kmart looks unusual compared to other Super K's of any incarnation; including Kmart-to-Super K conversions

  2. Oh, actually I forgot to add the fact that store was originally an American Fare hypermarket(an earlier attempt by Kmart on the Supercenter concept). I will add that to the post now.

  3. I could be wrong about this, and I didn't do any research before posting this, but I swore I remember reading once that the Super Kmart in Jackson was opened as a Super Kmart, then closed for a brief amount of time (Kmart was planning to completely shutter the store forever), and then Kmart decided to reopen it? I could be totally wrong. This was years ago that I read that

    1. Sorry, hit publish too quickly. After they reopened it, a few short years later it closed AGAIN for good.

    2. They did that at a few Super Kmart stores. Kmart also left all the fixtures inside of the Super Kmart stores they closed from 2000 to 2003 with the hope of either reopening the stores later-on or selling them off to Sears.

  4. Too bad they closed the Super Kmart in Hattiesburg, MS. My family used to shop there every chance we got, they had a Little Caesars Pizza over by the second entrance (By the blacked out windows) my three brothers and I would eat there while my mom shopped and they had a video store where we'd rent SNES games. That was 20yrs ago now and now I guess all it is left is that memory.

    Gotta enjoy the little things :'(

  5. The Hattiesburg Kmart became a Gander Mountain.


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