Monday, November 7, 2011

Closed Super Kmart stores in Arkansas

By; Nicholas Eckhart

Rogers- 2115 West Walnut Street

  • Currently Rogers Outdoor Sports and a Volkswagen Dealership
  • Closed 2003

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  1. I used to shop at the store in Rogers after the Joplin store closed in 2000. The Rogers store was the nicest Kmart I've ever seen and was always busy even though there was a Walmart across the street. It never made since why they closed it. I didn't understand them closing the Joplin store either, it was just a big Kmart but it was always busy as well. Thanks for the posts about Kmart, my wife and I stop at Kmart anytime were near one.

  2. There were also more stores in Arkansas like in Fort Smith there were 2 Kmarts that closed One is the one on 1801 Zero Street in Fort Smith was a Kmart that opened in the 1960's and had a Kmart Foods Store. I am unsure if it became a Big Kmart. Another one is at 7434 Rogers Ave in Fort Smith was also a Kmart that opened in 1979 and converted to Big Kmart. The Little Caesars had closed and relocated to a church's chicken restaurant originally In n Out which that restaurant was relocated into Zero street. Here is my blog.

    1. And I think that the K-Mart on Rogers was turned into a line of stores including Hank's Furniture, BrickCity Emporium (One location), and Goodwill.

  3. Also the Kmart in zero Street in fort smith closed in 1994 which was the year that kmart closed 110 stores including Fayetteville ar. I wonder what was inside in the Kmart in Rogers AR.

  4. This Kmart also had a Little Caesars restaurant and a Penske autocenter. I found a picture of the Super Kmart Center when it closed

  5. I found like a couple of pictures of the Rogers Outdoor Sports side which is the Garden Center side. Its still intact in the inside since I never been there but the Volkswagen Dealership has done a massive renovation. But the Rogers Outdoor sports side still looks the same from outside and inside.

    Those kmarts that I said that the 2 fort smith ones were closed are Big Kmarts. The 1st one is now Sutherlands lumber and the other one opened in 1979 is now Hanks Furniture and BrickCity Emporium. The Hanks side still has its look from Kmart in the inside like the pharmacy which is now closed and the Garden Center which the automatic doors are walled off.


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