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Former Tops Friendly Markets stores in North Olmsted, Ohio

Nicholas Eckhart


This is the first of the two former stores, this one is at 26350 Brookpark Road in North Olmsted, Ohio. This store was built as a Pick -N- Pay grocery store (I am unsure what year it opened). It later became a Finast grocery store in the early 1990s. This store was later renamed Tops Friendly Markets in 1999 after Ahold phased-out the Finast name. In 2002 Tops moved to a new store close by (photographed later in this post). This store reopened as a branch for Remington College shortly after. The original Pick -N- Pay facade is still intact, but Remington made some changes such as adding windows and a new entrance to this store.

The newer Remington College entrance.

This is the second former Top Friendly Markets store in North Olmsted,  Ohio. This store is at 26662 Brookpark Road Extension in North Olmsted, Ohio. This was a 57,357 square foot Tops store built in 2002 to replace the older one photographed before in this post. Sadly, Tops pulled out of Northeastern Ohio in December 2006.  Shortly after this Tops store closed a Sears Outlet store opened in the left part of the store and an Ollie's Bargain Outlet opened in the right part of  the store. Inside the Sears Outlet the interior has been greatly changed, but inside Ollie's the Tops look is still noticeable. Everything about the exterior seems to scream out the fact it was a Tops. A Blockbuster Video used to be located in the empty store at the left side of this photo. The shopping center is currently owned by Brixmor.

Notice this former Tops lobby has a Wall in the middle that separates Sears Outlet  and Oliie's Bargain Outlet

Another shot of this former Tops Friendly Markets store

The Giant Eagle store nearby that was once a competitor to Tops. Since there is not much competition in the area this store often has a packed parking lot and it is one of the Giant Eagle stores that is open 24 hours

Another shot of the North Olmsted Giant Eagle. The red "plug" entrance to a former Circuit City is partly visible to the far left.


  1. The second Tops (the newer one) was built on top of the old Hills store. I'm not sure if it was ever an Ames or if it closed prior to that, but I do know that they demolished the old building to build the new (now largely-empty) plaza on top of it.

    1. I believe the Hills was briefly an Ames before it closed and became an Ollie's and Sears Outlet. I remember before it was a Hills store. It was Gold Circle. Huge store.

  2. I just could not find out what was there before the 2nd Tops. Thank You for clearing that up. Do you know if there was ever a Kmart in North Olmsted?

  3. I don't think there was. There's a Kmart in Middleburg Hts at Bagley & I-71 that, I think, serves as the Kmart store for that area. If there was one in North Olmsted, I'd never been there.

    There was one in Brooklyn at the corner of Brookpark and Ridge Roads that's now a Best Buy and a Staples. The old Kmart had a huge Going Out of Business sale when the new Super Kmart opened up the road.


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