Sunday, May 6, 2012

Former Sears store in Statesville, North Carolina

Photos by Mike Kalasnik
Description by Nicholas Eckhart

     This is one of the Sears stores affected by the Early 2012 round of Sears Holdings closures. This store's closure is a big negative for the Signal Hill Mall since it means the loss of one of its three anchor stores (the other two are Belk and JCPenny). This store is 94,000 square foot and is located off of Interstate 77 at 1689 East Broad Street in Statesville, North Carolina.
     The store was originally opened as Woolworth's in 1973 as one of the anchors for the Signal Hill Mall. Woolworth's closed in 1992, before siting idly by until Hills moved in in 1995. Hills closed in 1996; just a year after it opened. This store was reopened as a Sears store in 1997 acording to this  press release

     When this Sears opened it was one of the nicer Sears stores with a modern interior and remained nice until its closure. With only 43,000 people living within a 5 miles radius it is not a surprise this mall is not doing so well; Sears is not one of those stores people tend to go to every week or every month for that matter. I personally believe this store was closed since Sears Holdings operate a more-profitable Kmart across the street and did not want two stores across the street from each other.

     Below are some photos taken by Mike Kalasnik of when this store was operating as normal, when it was closing, and now as it sits closed.

Normal Sears Operations pictures (October 2011)

Liquidation Sale Photos (February 2012)

Odd how the blue Sears signage looks white at night.

A close-up of the entrance

Another close-up of the entrance

Notice how many items are left after this store's closing sale was already going on for a month.



Boys clothing

Misses clothing

Misses clothing

Jewery, Womens clothing, and the Entrance

Mens clothing and Sporting goods

Hardware and Sporting Goods

The Sears Services section of the store





Mens clothing

The mall entrance

An advertisement for this store's closed. Notice that the logo used is not the current Sears logo.


Misses clothing

Womens clothing

The walkway to the Optical center

Furniture and Luggage

Sporting goods and Hardware





Womens clothing

Womens clothing

The store Entrance

Liquidation Sale Photos (April 2012)

The faded Sears sign before its removal.

The Sears style entryway

More of the entryway

This photo is from April before the store was closed

The former Optical center

Sears Optical hours

Some more empty aisles

Luggage and Boys clothing

The mostly empty hardware area

Closed Sears photos (April 28, 2012)

The Sears label-scar

At the time this was taken they did not even remove the American Flag yet.

The closed up main entrance.
The all too clear Sears Label-scar

A closed up exterior entrance

The closed up mall entrance

more of the closed up mall entrance

A peak through the grate into the closed store

Another peak through the grate

RIP Sears in Statesville, North Carolina.


  1. Would of made a fantastic Kmart store .Beautiful Interior good shape.

  2. There is a Kmart across the street from here, but it would probably be better if they moved they moved here. I am sure it would stimulate the mall some and this seems newer.

  3. I'm no expert on removing signs, but couldn't you just pressure wash the labelscar off of the store prior to closing?


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