Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Circuit City in Torrington, Connecticut

photos by Mike Kalasnik
description by Nicholas Eckhart

     This Circuit City was one of the very last stores opened before the chain liquidated in Early 2009. This store was located at 1030 Torringford Street in Torrington, Connecticut. This location remains vacant although it has been used as Spirit Halloween several times. This was a very new store and slightly varied from the design used for most stores. This prototype store used the "the city" logo instead of the Circuit City logo that was used at all other stores. Also, this store had a slightly different exterior look, due partially to the fact that this store was a Sears Appliance and Hardware store before. I am not positive if signage is still intact, but on streetview the signage was intact.


  1. Thanks for share this circuit city pics also. I never heard about it before.

  2. There was a Circuit City at 1763 NW St. Lucie West Blvd. in Port St. Lucie, Florida that opened in 2008 with the same logo as this store. That store was built from the ground up though in a new shopping center called Town Center at St. Lucie West, and closed when the chain liquidated in 2009, meaning it lasted for barely a year. It's now a Jetson Appliance and Electronics, which is a local chain. You can see a picture of the store here as Jetson:

  3. I lived in Torrington for 4 years until recently. The part of the sign that says "Circuit City" is definitely gone. Can't remember if the "The City" sign has lasted through the Spirit Halloween stores (and a Toy Zam! one holiday season). I just remember finding it slightly eerie the first time I drove by it; the pickup area/car install area signs were still up on the side of the building and signage was basically intact in the front.

  4. It's sad to see what Circuit City has become. When the chain began going out of business in early 2009, some of the newer stores were only a few months old and yet they were closing their doors. In fact, I think some stores were so new, that they never even opened and were left to sit vacant for costumers that would never come.

    1. Probably a good thing, since they would have had trouble finding costumes in those stores (although it appears they could have later on) ;)


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