Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kmart Closings - Fall 2016

These are all of the Kmart stores closing by the end of December 2016. Most were announced in the Fall of 2016. If there are any that should be added or subtracted, please let us know!

0000 Thomasville, NC (Closing Mid November) (Early 90s store)
3044 Lawton, OK (70s store expanded)(Original Big K Express Gas Station/C Store)
3180 Merrillville, IN (70s store)
3241 Springfield, IL
3320 Houma, LA
3328 New Lenox, IL (70s store with room for expansion)
3355 Panama City, FL
3359 Gardendale, AL
3521 Binghamton, NY (Former GrandWay)
3556 Elkhart, IN
3594 Chicago, IL
3644 Nashville, TN (93 store w/ K Express on adjacent land)
3695 Sierra Vista, AZ
3706 Wytheville, VA
3754 Martinsville, VA (Early 90s store)
3814 Kearney, NE (Late 80s/early 90s store)
4066 Jackson, MI
4095 Joliet, IL (60s store with a former K Express?)
4135 Augusta, GA
4162 Salt Lake City, UT
4175 Canton, OH (Original Big K Express Gas Station/C Store)
4176 Cheektowaga, NY
4439 Yakima, WA
4700 Fenton, MI
4717 Oak Ridge, TN (Early 90s store)
4739 Clarksville, TN (The 1st location closed earlier in 2016) (90-93 store)
4772 Burnham, PA (1990-1993 store?)
4781 Macomb, IL
4837 Riverton, WY
4845 Manistee, MI (93 store)
4851 (68th St) Byron Center, MI (Mid 90s store)
4910 Mentor, OH (Super K which will become Meijer)
4917 Thornton, CO
4961 Burlington, NC (Former Super K. Has a K Express Gas Station)
4970 Memphis, TN (Last Kmart left in the city, former Super K w/ K Express Gas Station)
4972 Lubbock, TX
4984 Tinley Park, IL (Former Super K)
7024 Scottsbluff, NE (70s store)
7061 New Iberia, LA
7077 Harlingen, TX
7174 Pikeville, KY
7205 North Kent Mall Grand Rapids, MI (Former Wurzburgs)
7216 Moorhead, MN
7306 3709 E 10th St Sioux Falls, SD (70s store expanded)
7356 Jonesboro, AR
7412 3330 S 5600 W West Valley City, UT (70s store expanded. Was a Sears Grand)
7478 Waipahu, HI
7551 Indio, CA
7560 Craig, CO
7587 Fontana, CA
7625 Los Angeles, CA (Vermont Ave)
7642 Natchez, MS (Unknown year of build. Expanded in the rear)
7718 Hixson, TN
7733 Alpena, MI
7755 Deming, NM
7775 Lafayette, IN (Mid 90s store)
7795 Abilene, TX (Mid 90s store)
9129 Mount Airy, NC
9146 Great Barrington, MA
9397 West Saint Paul, MN
9571 Cullman, AL (93 store)
9586 Sault Saint Marie, MI
9623 Springdale, AR
9728 Smyrna, TN (70s store)
9751 Cody, WY ("Barn" store. Prefab building. VERY SMALL!)
3001 E. Michigan Ave Jackson, MI


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  2. Clarification:
    I grew up with K-Mart. Everytime I go out my house, I see a K-Mart sign. It was prior to 1993. After 39 years in Moffat County, it's over. As Geoffrey Chaucer once said, "All good things must come to an end."

  3. Natchez, MS was not expanded. The store was built by Howard's in the early to mid 80's just before that chain's demise. Kmart has operated there since 1987, but never expanded it.

    1. WOW! That is a very different looking Kmart. Thanks for the info!

  4. I am sad to see the demise of Kmart. I will not forget the good feeling I would get especially around Christmas when the bell ringer who was a tiny old woman of which i will never forget her as she rang the bell in her service to others in need, year after year she was there. Once inside the store, there were smiling faces everywhere and the smell of the cafeteria as they had hot beef or hot turkey sandwches with gravy and potatoes, often we would eat there enjoying each other and laughing and shopping, and always a freindly face, and people from community. This store will always have a special place in my heart.- Robin

  5. I have a feeling the Canton, OH store will be in some way converted to a Meijer, if you search on Bing for Meijer in Canton, Ohio, you'll see a mapped address for a Meijer directly next to Walmart, it makes you wonder what could be going on.

    1. I know there are plans for a Meijer in North Canton, someone told me it is planned on Frank Avenue behind BJ's Wholesale.

      I know when Menards was built in Massillon, the space to the right of the store was set aside for a Meijer. That is why the Menards store is built ackwardly off the highway. Menards and Meijer like opening new stores next to each other since it drives more customers to both stores. I don't recall hearing if plans for the Massillon location have started back up, but it wouldn'the surprise me (Meijer was planning NE Ohio locations pre-recession but bailed on the plans).

      As for the Kmart in Canton, I have no clue if Meijer is interested in that one. It is very possible since Meijer tends to open stores pretty close to Walmart locations.


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