Sunday, May 27, 2012

Former Super Kmart in Maple Heights, Ohio

Nicholas Eckhart

     This store is located at 5500 Warrensville Center Road in Maple Heights, Ohio. This former Super Kmart was one of the three Super Kmart stores that opened in 1997. This store sported signage with the "Super Kmart" logo on it. The first Super Kmart to use that logo opened in 1996, before then they all used the "Super Kmart Center" logo. Oddly enough, Kmart started using the "Super Kmart Center" logo again in 2001. This was the 97th Super Kmart store opened. Sadly, this store closed in the 2002 wave of closures.

     In 2003 Liberty Ford moved into the store from their previous location in Bedford. I know some people find it odd that a Car Dealer moved into a former Supercenter building, but to me it makes sense. This was a perfectly fine large building with a large parking lot and Auto bays already built. According to a site this is a 160,000 square foot building and is the largest Ford Dealership in America. It even has a Cafe inside (probably the old Kmart Cafe)! Today this store still has much of the Super Kmart look still intact on the exterior. I found a picture that shows the Super Kmart interior is mostly intact as well.

The following photos were taken on May 20, 2012.

Here is the street sign for the former Super Kmart store (is was located where the Liberty Ford sign was. Notice how there is a Petsmart sign underneath. There was a former Petsmart here too; there is a picture of the former Petsmart at the end of the post. Also, notice that there is a former Donato's in the background. There is a closer shot of that restaurant at the end of this post as well.

The former grocery side entrance. The triangle shaped metal design above the doorway was covered-up.

This is was one of the last Super Kmart stores to have a canopy built across the front, the windows are not original to Super Kmart. 

The former apparel side entrance. The former garden center entrance is on the right.

Here is a view of the former Garden center entrance. In this shot part of the auto center is visible.

Here is the former Petsmart I mentioned earlier in this post.
Here is a closer view of the former Donato's that was partially visible in the first photo.


  1. I wonder what its like inside? Hard thing to take photos of obviously. There showroom has to be massive!

  2. I was there on Sunday when they were closed too!

  3. I am the service manager at this Liberty Ford. We can fit over 100 cars in the showroom. The facility is amazing as a car dealer. Tons of modifications had to be done to the interior especially in the service department to make it suitable for our needs.

  4. I am the service manager at this Liberty Ford. We can fit over 100 cars in the showroom. The facility is amazing as a car dealer. Tons of modifications had to be done to the interior especially in the service department to make it suitable for our needs.

    1. since that you are the service manager can you show us pictures of the interior like the former garden center entrance etc.

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    By the way, did I mention that the richest 1% of Americans already own 42% of America's total wealth? Yes, really.

    The rich don't need anymore government handouts.


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