Sunday, April 22, 2012

Former Sedona Grill in Sheffield, Ohio

Nicholas Eckhart

As a post I decided to include this closed down restaurant in Sheffield, Ohio. I know that the Sedona Grill concept was started by Tumbleweed Southwest Grill in 2007. Tumbleweed had big plans for Sedona Grill, but only managed to open only two restaurants before the concept was discarded on January 14th, 2008.

The first Sedona Grill opened in early 2007 in Lima, Ohio as part of a concept that Tumbleweed wanted to fulfill its plans for a higher-scale restaurant.. The Sedona Grill concept include a higher-scale look, higher-scale food, and higher prices than that other Tumbleweed restaurants. the company had plans for four more to open by the end of 2007 (Garfield Heights, Ohio; Sheffield, Ohio; Murray, Kentucky; and Raleigh, North Carolina). Of those four locations only the Sheffield, Ohio restaurant became reality. The Sheffield restaurant opened in late 2007. This restaurant was at 5223 Detroit Road in Sheffield, Ohio. The two Sedona Grill locations closed on January 14th, 2008 when Tumbleweed abandoned the concept.

Today the Sheffield location has been reopened as Sorrento Italian restaurant. Sorrento relocated from a old location in Elyria.

The following photos are from my April 8th, 2012 visit to the former Sheffield Ohio restaurant.

The "This restaurant is permanently Closed" notes were still on the door

I tried to get a peak of the interior but failed. From where I was it was easy to see that everything was still left inside. In this photo the tops of the chairs and some of the lighting elements can be saw.

Outdoor dining area

The highway sign even still had signage on it.

*Sedona Grill Revisited*
The following photos were taken after the Sorrento renovation of the former Sheffield Sedona Grill.

Here is the other former Sedona Grill location I tracked down. Plans for three more in Garfield Heights(Ohio), Murray (Kentucky, and Raleigh (North Carolina) were cancelled before the concept was shuttered.

Lima- 1939 Roschman Avenue 
  • Opened in early 2007 as the first Sedona Grill
  • Used both Tumbleweed and Sedona Grill signage
  • still vacant as well
Image from Bing Maps

The two Sedona Grill locations that were opened


  1. FYI, the Sedona signs came down today (Sheffield)...rumor has it that Sorrento's (across from the college) bought/leased it. I came across this post looking for confirmation, but have found none. Kinda surprised that there's been nothing in the local papers yet. I work within viewing distance, and various workers have been pretty active preparing for a new establishment over the past month or so.

    1. I was about to mention that as well. I was by there today and noticed the Sedona Grill signs were down and people were working on it. There was a sign up saying Sorrento Restaurante and pizzeria was coming soon.


    Surprise...I've looked all over the web for the past's confirmation, at the end of the article.

  3. Opening this Wednesday from what I've heard!

  4. Yes! I will try to be there Wednesday.

  5. Dads going to eat. CHOMP! Is because he will love the Mexican food.


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