Sunday, March 25, 2012

Northridge Plaza shopping center, in North Ridgeville, Ohio

Nicholas Eckhart

This shopping center opened in 1973 at 34700 center Ridge Road in North Ridgeville, Ohio with these retailers (from the left side to right side of the shopping center) Fisher's Big Wheel (53,000 square feet), Yum Yum Tree candy store, United States Postal Service, Revco Pharmacy (7,000 square feet), and Meyer Goldberg grocery store (24,750 square feet). There was also a Perkin's restaurant on an out-parcel out front. the only tenant to remain from when the shopping center first opened is the United States Postal Service (which now takes up the former Yum Yum Tree space as well). The Caldor regional offices refurbished the space of the former Fisher's Big Wheel in the mid 1990s. That stayed open until the Caldor chain was liquidated. Afterward's a Marc's store moved in that site. Revco moved to a nearby lot after it was aquired by CVS. The new pharmacy opened as CVS. The Perkin's has since been numerous other family restaurants. I will be back with more information and update this post soon.

Here is somewhat of a set-up plan I made of this shopping center using Bing Maps imagery.

The former Fisher's Big Wheel / Caldor regional offices. This is now a Marc's with one of the new leaf apostrophes, but is the only one I can think of that still has the "guy with a parrot on his shoulder" logo.

The former Revco pharmacy (now Family Dollar) to the left. The Former Meyer Goldberg grocery store (later Big Lots) to the right.

Former Big Lots.

The former Meyer Goldberg / Big Lots. The Big Lots label-scar is still visible.


  1. Are you sure the far west space started as Fisher Big Wheel? I thought it was originally Grant City.

    1. I do believe it was a Grants first also. Then a Fishers Big Wheel.


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