Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nanuet Mall in Nanuet, New York

photos by Mike Kalasnik
description by Nicholas Eckhart

The Nanuet Mall entrance sign

Current Information

The Nanuet Mall is currently undergoing a project that will make the site a Lifestyle center called the Shops at Nanuet. This site is at 75 West Route 59 in Nanuet, New York. The only stores that remain are Sears and Macy's. The rest of the Mall is going to be demolished for this on-going project that is expected to be complete in November of 2013. The Nanuet Mall officially closed their doors on February 1st of 2012 for construction that is expected to start March 1st. The Mall site is currently owned by Simon Malls

Mall Facts
  • Opened in 1969
  • Closed in 2012
  • Will be rebuilt as "The Shops at Nanuet"
  • 913,000 Square Feet

Anchor Stores

  • One of the original two anchor stores.
  • Owns the land their store is on
  • 167,749 Square Feet
  • Will remain on site
  • Originally opened as a Bamberger's Store.
  • Bamberger's was re-branded as Macy's in 1986.
  • Will remain on site               
  • Originally opened as Abraham & Straus as a part of the Mall's new addition in 1994.
  • In 1995 Abraham & Straus became a Stern's store after their consolidation with Macy's (who already had a store at the Nanuet Mall)
  • In 2001 the Stern's closed and then was reopened as a Boscov's Store.
  • Boscov's closed in may 2008 after their lease was bought out by Simon Malls
Site Set-up
The set-up of the Nanuet Mall on Bing Maps imagery. The only places salvaged during this mall's transition into a Lifestyle center are the Sears and Macy's stores.

The Mall directory, the vacant green department store was Boscov's. The parking garage was located where the words "Lower Level" and "Upper Level" are on this directory.

Mall Exterior

The Sears Department Store (Still Open)

Macy's Department Store (also still open)

The former Boscov's Department Store

Mall Entrances

Mall Interior

First Floor of the Nanuet Mall

The Macy's 1st floor mall entrance 

Macy's 2nd story entrance

The Sears Store (still open)

A Tae Kwon Do studio

The Nanuet Mall Community Room

Nanuet Mall Dental


  1. Thanks for getting these pictures posted on your site. There are a bunch of malls that I did not think to photograph that were in the final years and are now gone. The ones that are still left have been posted on my blog to keep the memories alive.

  2. Same here, thanks for taking the time to document the mall in its final days. As you saw on my Flickr photostream I was there maybe 5 years ago and have wanted to go back to get some decent shots but never did.

    1. These photos were submitted by a contributor to this blog, I did not take them. He has helped out a lot in starting up this blog. Here is a link to his Flicker Page I started this blog and my Flickr page ( late in October, so most pictures here so far have been sent in. For the next few months I am going to launch various posts on Kmart, Sears, World Market, and closed Circuit City stores near where I live as well as anything sent in by viewers or contributors. I have considered adding a Facebook page for this blog, but am not certain at this point if I am going to.

  3. Im happy to help! I got a lot more photos for you. I can identify some of the stores pictured, if you want to caption them. Also, id be happy to answer questions about this mall if your followers ask. Really nice job Nick!

    1. Yes, I would like to caption more pictures. Can you please tell me what you know?

  4. Sure... ill caption the ones I know on Flickr. Easier then trying to explain it!

  5. anyone have any Pics when the mall first opened?

  6. Sad state of affairs. I was born in '81, and remember many times spent here as a kid, and then in my early teens (after the remodel). When Palisades Center rushed to open in 1998, most of the locals realized it would probably kill Nanuet. It took 14 years to finally do it. But, I do have a problem with how Simon handled this- they did offer sweet deals to the retailers with dual locations in Nanuet and Palisades to stay in Nanuet for dirt cheap- but rather than doing a simple remodel, and maybe finally put something in that stupid Boscov's spot that's been empty for years, they sorta neglected the place. They could easily have cut a sweet deal with Bloomingdale's to take up the Boscov's location, and then built up around that inside- maybe bring back some retailers that fled. The surrounding area on Route 59 exploded with MORE retail, while Nanuet Mall just atrophied. I'm anxious to see the new "mall" when it opens, since while I lived in Columbus OH, I remember how nice Easton Town Center was, and it appears to be a similar concept. My concern is about traffic however. When the mall remodeled in '93, the town forced the upgrade of route 59 and Middletown Road (the mall sits on this corner)- yet there has been no mention of infrastructure upgrades this time, and the area surrounding this space is far more developed since 1993.

  7. The shops at Nanuet is a yuppie paradise. I'll never forget the old mall!

  8. All the pictures are awsome. I like them all. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Palisades Mall really did kill this mall. I was there last time in 2006 and it was still holding up pretty well but i guess after Boscov's pulled out the mall must have died fast. I have a feeling something like this will happen to the Jefferson Valley Mall, another mall located by me

  10. Not on the map. But there is a vacant K-Mart on Rt. 24 in Levittown on LI. The store's been closed for many years. Even closed longer is an old Borders next to it. Of the 3 stores only a smaller Office Depot remain


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